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Foreign Language

Technology Workshop

August, 2001 page -

Learn how to create your own quizzes, tests and other interactive activities on the web.  Be sure to visit the link that has already created activities for your language and your textbook.

Review for Spanish I

It is already done! This is a review for your Spanish II students.

This is another site that allows you to build and house your own interactive quizzes, test and other activities. Be sure to look at the ready- made quizzes.
Translator Alligator

How to type International Characters

Learn how to type International Characters in a variety of ways. One is sure to please  you.

Paso a Paso

Visit ScottForesman's site if you have not been there lately. They have added some new activities.
José Posada - La Catrina
Hojas e ideas para La Catrina-(use internet explorer for best results on this one)

Discovering French

Visit McDougle Littell's site to see what is new.
Other Discovering French links:
Class zone
ML French
Level 1 Links
Level 2 Links
Level 3 Links

 More Great Foreign Language Links: